Technical assistance

New vehicle technology & alternative car engines

The development of new vehicle technologies is increasingly causing complications during technical assistance. No two accidents are the same and vehicle technologies are more diverse. The development of new vehicles and use of new products is progressing ever faster. Every fire service ought to be able to react to these developments and always be up to speed with the latest technology.

Two-stage training concept

Theoretical introduction:

  • Vehicle constructions
  • Problems with high strength substances
  • Technical rescue for car accidents
  • Active occupant protection systems
  • New rescue techniques

Practical drills:

  • Recognising vehicles with alternative engines
  • Securing cars with alternative engines that have been involved in accidents
  • Fire in alternative vehicle drives
  • Hybrid, electric and gas-driven vehicles
  • Rescue that considers the patient's needs
  • Different technical rescue techniques
  • Collaboration with the rescue service
  • Deployed: fully-equipped cars with the latest technologies

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