Hazmat training for firefighters

Keeping a cool head when things get hot

Deployments which feature hazardous substances require a great deal of expertise in terms of deployment organisation. Experience has shown that training fire service personnel in this area is difficult. Firefighting provides hazmat training for firefighters, mobile and stationary concepts to specifically equip defence forces for highly complex deployments with hazardous substances. In Firefighter training, no potential hazard is overlooked. From straightforward deployment methods by the first responder fire service, to complex deployment methods by hazmat response teams in industrial parks, emergency personnel can optimally prepare for a serious incident thanks to our training facilities.

Firefighting practice areas for hazmat training for firefighters also provide the opportunity to combine training modules, for instance in tackling industrial fires. Optimal training can be practised for all 9 risk classes at our training facilities, so various deployment situations can be effectively handled, taking consideration of the respective risk matrix. The entire hazmat training for firefighters module will be adapted to the available equipment components of the respective fire service. With Firefighter training you can head to your next deployment optimally equipped.

Tackling aircraft fires

Every year there are countless aircraft fires, even though planes are the safest transport mode around. In the event of an emergency, every minute counts and every manoeuvre is crucial. Airport fire crew have to make efficient...
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Hazardous substances

Tackling industrial fires

In this training module our experienced team considers the basic techniques of tackling industrial fires using extinguishing agents and the right deployment tactics. We provide training at your site. For the practical modules we bring...
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Fire fightingHazardous substances

Deployments for dangerous substances

When it comes to a deployment involving dangerous substances, there is no standard program for emergency personnel to rely on. Training includes different program points which train participants in how to work safely where...
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Hazardous substances

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