Hazardous substances

Deployments for dangerous substances

When it comes to a deployment involving dangerous substances, there is no standard program for emergency personnel to rely on. Training includes different program points which train participants in how to work safely where there are hazardous substances. Our experienced team show how the presence of dangerous substances can be detected, how to assess the greatest possible risk and how to work safely, using the right techniques and tactics.

Theoretical component:

  • Induction and deployment examples
  • Legal framework and concepts
  • Hazard category classification
  • Forms of identification
  • Induction in deployment tactics
  • First Aid and protective equipment
  • Technique and tactics for deployment with hazardous substances

Practical element:

  • Material identification
  • Technique and tactics for use with hazardous substances
  • Gas and liquid fires under pressure
  • Deployment of water, powder, foam
  • Extensive fires
  • Cylinder fires with gas under pressure
  • 3D extinguishing technique and tactics
  • Handling of and training with fog nozzles
  • Presentation of leakages in pipes, flanging, valves and pumps with and without fire

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Hazardous substances

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