Fire fighting

Fire container training

A fire practice container is used for the preparation and training of fire service personnel in an inside attack. As part of the training session, participants are confronted with heat and how to assess a fire. In this training session we use a wood-fuelled fire site to observe and analyse the development of the fire, from outbreak to full-blown blaze. We offer various training sessions in simulated fire situations (e.g. real smoke development), that optimally prepare you for future deployment incidents. With our mobile fire simulation facilities you learn how to deal with deployment-related physical and psychological stress.

Module 1

Theoretical introduction:

  • Determining hazards
  • Tackling flashovers
  • Flashovers with and without increase in pressure

Practical drills:

  • Flashover through several passageways
  • Fire progression in closed rooms
  • Heat adaptation
  • Flashover backdraft recognition
  • Tackling flashover
  • 3D extinguishing technique and tactics
  • Dealing and training with fog nozzles
  • Door procedures
  • Flashovers with and without increase in pressure
  • Blocking a flashover

Modules 2 - 3 - 4

Theoretical introduction:

  • Plastics fires
  • Fires in industrial buildings
  • Ventilation-controlled firefighting

Practical drills:

  • Apartment fires
  • Office fires
  • Cellar fires
  • Fires in larger buildings with plastic products
  • Door systems
  • Ventilation of incident scenes
  • Hydraulic ventilation with a fog nozzle
  • Hose management at larger building complexes
  • Deployment of mobile smoke control barriers
  • Saving human lives
  • Emergency training for personnel wearing breathing equipment 
  • Multi-storey container concept
  • Deployment of high rise aerial appliances in tackling fires

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